Sunday, December 27, 2009

Am I Still Allowed to Blog?

Christmas was great! My mom and I made lots of food and stayed in while it snowed having a photo shoot for all our awesome creations. My computer got fixed (hence the blogging). I got money and decided to save if for the trip I will be taking to Spain this upcoming year. I did get sick however and ended up at Care Now with a mean nurse who gave me a butt shot.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lonely Women Make Good Lovers?

umm, I think this is the song playing next door. My next door office neighbor has the radio on and all I hear is "looownleee women make goood lovers" over and over again. I find this hysterical because up until now I have never thought about it but now I am wondering if this is true. Do lonely women make good lovers? I personally don't care. I have no plans on becoming lonely or a good lover anytime soon. It's dead around here today so I guess she turned the radio on for company. I on the other hand turned to K for company. At lunch I revealed to her that I am not actually a ho, much to her surprise, but I have only had a handful of boyfriends. I figure I will either be rewarded or punished for my lack of exploration by the time I get married. I don't really know where this blog is going but I just need to share a little piece of my day.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Why ya gotta act like you know when ya don't know? I am taking two minutes to blog about this because it annoyed me earlier. So the intern at work asks me about social work (MY licensed profession) and we chat a little. Apparently she is under the impression you do not have to have a social work degree to get a social work license. WTF? I questioned myself and thought maybe I was wrong but I'm totally not. She said that someone here told her that. I asked who and she reluctantly gave me the name of a person, I shall not mention, but who is know for mistake making. I don't care if you make mistakes, I make them all the time but don't act like you know it all if you don't. Where's the humility? Why would you be an expert on something you have no experience in? I don't get it and it just annoys me because she thinks she is right. Two examples: O.K. and PAPP. Enough said. I hope Roman enjoys this blog.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Girl, you dead.

I have to say that I respect the cojones that M had today to take K's earring hostage. She must have been drunk with blood lust from making Silpada sales when she thought this one up. Not to mention that Jingles with Big Boobs had a hand in it as well. Still, if I've learned anything in my 28 years of fast living it's that one must never and I mean NEVER piss off The Kugo. Those bitches are fast, ruthless, and thorough. So much so that I'm actually typing this blog from an undisclosed location in Southern Mexico. So, after I found out about the scheme I took M out to get lunch and tried to convince her to abort! Instead, I found myself drawn into her web of extortion and I played along. But, The Kugo always has the last laugh. Soon, we regreted the folly of our actions. Our offices were pillaged, our decorative stuffed animals were maimed, and our wall decorations scattered across the office. I ran for my life.

I would have taken pictures of the carnage but it was too graphic and I had to get out fast. Maybe I'll see M again, maybe not. But at least we can continue our blog in's all we have left.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear Big Red, We Found Your Rim.

On our walk back from Wendy's today Fast Eddie, as K would call him, and I found a new rim for Big Red's bike.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Who Wears Short Shorts?

I would just like to say I am very excited because Pete Yorn is on Conan right now (but that is not why I started this blog). Siggghhh. Today I realized I must look too old to be in a "trendy" store. I have been needing new shorts since like forever ago, so I finally make a stop at the store I got my last favorite pair of shorts. I have one pair in hand and then the sales girl is like "we have longer shorts up front". In my head I am thinking WHAT THE FREAK! Do I look too old to wear short shorts? I wasnt out searching for the shortest pair I could find to ride up my business. It wasnt like I walked out of the dressing room wearing them. I was so pissed I wanted to be like "YOU'RE LIKE 30 AND YOU WORK HERE!" But instead I got discourged, tried a pair of jeans on, and walked next door and bought the first pair of shorts that came down to my knees. The crappiest part about it was that I didnt want knee length shorts. I was aware of what happened and somehow that 30 y/o, wanna be trendy store worker got to me even though I knew better. I was so confused after the whole ordeal that I think I mistakenly bought a grandma bra as well. Now I sit in my knee length shorts and grandma bra wondering how it all happened.

Friday, May 29, 2009

For a limited time only...

So I promised pictures of M's new car like ages ago, so here you go, babies. M tells me that they were running a special. I guess when you buy from Carmax, the cars come fully equipped with junk in the trunk. I guess I know where I'm going for all my used car needs.